Evacuation Efforts of U.S. Citizens from Sudan

Evacuation Efforts of U.S. Citizens from Sudan

 A U.S. government-organized convoy carrying U.S. citizens, locally employed staff, and nationals from allied and partner countries arrived at Port Sudan on April 29. From there, we are assisting U.S. citizens and others who are eligible with onward travel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where additional U.S. personnel are positioned to assist with consular and emergency services. This builds on the work the U.S. government has done this week to facilitate the departure of our diplomats by military-assisted departure and hundreds of other U.S. citizens by land convoys, flights on partner air craft, and by sea. Hundreds of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents have departed Sudan through these options facilitated by the U.S. government.

The American administration has made significant attempts to get in touch with its nationals in Sudan and facilitate their evacuation, if they so desired. Every American in Sudan who had contacted us throughout the crisis had received a message, and we gave those who wanted to leave by land detailed directions on how to join this convoy. Americans who want to flee Sudan but opt not to join this convoy are encouraged to get in touch with the Department of State via the crisis intake form on our website.

The security conditions that have allowed the departure of thousands of foreign and American individuals, including through today's operation, were made possible through protracted discussions by the United States with the assistance of our regional and international partners. We keep requesting that the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Armed Forces put an end to the violence that is threatening people.

We reiterate our advice to Americans not to visit Sudan.

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