International Scholarship to Study Abroad

 International Scholarship to Study Abroad

The word "money" is used in rap songs more often than any other word for a reason. It is important. We can all agree that money can be a major deciding factor when choosing where to study abroad, whether you're hanging out with celebrities like Eminem, Jay Z, and Tupac or not (or if you're studying abroad altogether).

Many students find themselves between a financial rock and a hard place due to the rapidly rising cost of undergraduate education, without a savings account or any money in their pockets. The truth is that funding is available to students of all backgrounds to study abroad. You are not alone either; Many students are looking for ways to study abroad on a budget. Who wouldn't want to cut their tuition to increase their wine and cheese budget instead?

You will be happy to know that there are scholarships and grants offered by many governments, organizations and universities especially for you if you are a student looking for a learning experience with a more international flavor!

If you want to start your search for scholarships abroad in 2023-2024, whether you are a graduate student, a member of an underrepresented minority group, or a regular college student, check out the list below:

Scholarships for study abroad in the summer, fall, and spring

1. Foreign Education Fund

Deadlines: January (for the academic year, summer, and fall); October (spring)

Award: $1250 - $10000

Graduate School: Bachelor's Degree

The Education Abroad Fund is pleased to offer scholarships to students who are typically underrepresented in higher education. The application process will prioritize students of color, first-generation college students, community college students, and more. To find students to study abroad through various organizations, FEA also partners with many study abroad organizations, including CAPA, AIFS, and SIT, through their Partner Acquisition Program.


2. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Dates: March and October


$3,000 (summer program) (summer program)

$4,000 (fall and spring program) (fall and spring program)

$5,000 (academic year program) (academic year program)

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, provides awards to U.S. undergraduate students with limited financial resources in an effort to transform communities of traveling students. abroad. A small number of recipients interested in studying or going abroad each year are awarded this highly competitive award.


3. CIEE Study Abroad Grants & Scholarships

Date: As per last date of application

Amount: Up to $2,000 per student

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

The Council on International Educational Exchange offers a variety of grants and scholarships, including scholarships, to help minority students from the United States afford to study abroad. Various application components, such as a summary of academic achievements, documentation of financial need, a personal essay, and letters of recommendation, must be submitted by applicants.


4. Award from USAC

March for summer, May for autumn, and October (spring)

Prize: Subject to change

Eligibility: Bachelors

Each year, the Association for Student Study Abroad (USAC) awards scholarships to deserving students to help them achieve their dreams of studying abroad. Students must be enrolled in a USAC study abroad program to qualify for these scholarships. General Scholarships for Non-Union Affiliated Students, Legacy Scholarships, and Program-Specific Scholarships are among USAC's financial aid options.

5. Grants for International Leadership from The Intern Group

Date: Varies by year

Rewards: Various

Any degree level

The Intern Group offers four full travel fellowships to students and recent graduates who wish to study remotely to develop international leadership. Typically, they provide financial support for summer and fall training abroad in places like Shanghai, South America, Dublin, and Australia. Intern Group offers incredible six-week training programs in each location, allowing participants to gain valuable work experience and a new perspective on the world.


6. CEA Scholarships for Study Abroad

Deadlines: December, May, and April (summer) (spring)


$400 - $1000 (summer) (summer)

$500 - $3000 (semester, trimester, academic year) (semester, trimester, academic year)

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

By providing students with the critical financial support they need to pursue an international education, CEA is committed to changing their lives. Each year, CEA awards more than $2,000,000 to students for study abroad programs. Quality, need, and diversity make up the three categories of CEA Study Abroad Scholarships. Students must register for the CEA Study Abroad Programs in order to be eligible for these scholarships abroad.


7. AIFS Study Abroad Grants & Scholarships

Date: Varies by scholarship

400 to 1,000 dollars; it varies with each scholarship

Eligibility: Bachelors

The American Institute for Foreign Studies provides more than $800,000 in financial aid each year to deserving students to study abroad. Students seeking summer or semester study programs can apply for these funds.

8. SIT Scholarship for Study Abroad


May 15, April 1 (summer) (fall)

Award November 1 (spring)

$500 to $3,000 (summer) (summer)

$500 to $5,000 (semester) (semester)

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

Students who meet the requirements can apply for scholarships from the School of International Studies (SIT), which provides funding for a variety of study abroad opportunities around the world. SIT offers a variety of grants and scholarships that can be used to help students pay for tuition and accommodation while studying abroad.


9. Academic Studies of Critical Languages

It ends in November

Prize: Subject to change

Master's and Bachelor's Degree Levels

Through the annual distribution of Critical Language Scholarships (CLS), the US Department of State's Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs offers American students the opportunity to participate in fully funded and culturally sensitive summer language programs abroad . Candidates are selected based on their commitment to study non-traditional languages ​​such as Arabic, Japanese, Kiswahili and Russian abroad. Only US undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for the Critical Language Scholarship.


10. Award from the Golden Key

Deadline: Varies by Scholarship

Reward: Varies

Bachelors and Masters

The Golden Key Scholarship is an academic award given to deserving candidates with exceptional leadership, service, and academic achievement. The Golden Key International Honor Society offers $1,000,000 in scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students each year. The goal of this fellowship is to give students the opportunity to develop their careers in an international environment.


11. Fellowships and Grants from the American Association of University Women

November or December deadline

Prize: Subject to change

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

Beyond the United States, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has a long history of empowering women around the world. With more than 200 fellowships and grants available, AAUW is one of the largest sources of funding for graduate women in the world, providing more than $3 million in funding to exceptional women.


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